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Flight of Icarus: Character Turns and Designs

The game concept started out to be "Icarus/SciFi" or "Icarus in Space". The idea was to create a SciFi look that borrows aspects from Greek clothing/armor and architecture. If you look closely, yes, there are a ton of different influences for this design aesthetic, but I'd like to think that I put it together in a somewhat unique way that doesn't just rehash everything else out there.

I had a TON of fun designing the wings. I don't have any training in industrial design or engineering, so it was a heck of a challenge to figured out how to fit all the parts together so that they would move properly when they get made in 3D. I had a lot of input from our 3D team, and we got it all worked out.

Pat bollin icarus turnarounds

Icarus Turnarounds

Pat bollin icarus turnaround w wings3

Turn with Wings

Pat bollin icarus wings animation

The wings in motion

Pat bollin icarus turnaround helmet detail animation

The Wing Control Headset is based off of Greek laurel wreaths.

Pat bollin icarus wing tech drawings