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Goddess Woope: The White Calf Woman

This consisted of close to 50 individually layered pieces that were displayed together as a two screen scene in the Unity Game Engine for the "Legend of the White Buffalo II", a slot machine game from AGS-Cadillac Jack Games. Most of this scene was digitally painted in Photoshop, but the distant star field was taken from a Unity Sky Box screenshot. For those that don't know, the Unity Game Engine is a 3D game environment. My 2D painted images were placed in Z-space by the programer/game developers, and it was a huge trip to see the "camera" move in and out of my painted scene.

Learn more about the Legend of the White Buffalo, the Lakota tribe, and the goddess Woope at:

All rights to this art belong to AGS: Cadillac Jack Games, an Apollo Global Management company.

Pat bollin white buffalo ii bonus topscreen

Goddess Woope Sitting on a floating rock in the sky

Pat bollin white buffalo ii bonus

This image cascades across two screens. Here is all of the art minus the game UI and collateral like logo art and ads.

Pat bollin white buffalo ii bonus floating rocks

Detail of the floating rocks